Authority Factor Quiz

I have a well-defined personal brand.

I have professional headshot images.

I have a professionally designed logo.

I have a well-defined 60-second infomercial that I use at networking meetings and in my branding.

I have developed my client-attracting personal story.

My profile picture is the same on all of my social media profiles and rarely changes.

My brand image is comprised of images and stories that connect well with my clients.

I am regularly interviewed on podcasts, radio, and television.

I have published my own book.

‚ÄčI have published my own CD.

I have published by own podcast.

I have published my own videos.

I regularly publish new and relevant content on my blog.

I regularly hold webinars and/or livestream events (Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, etc.)

I regularly speak to local groups using my signature speech.

The copywriting on all of my marketing materials attracts new clients.

I have a professionally-designed promotional flyer.

You have finished the quiz.

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